The existing Palugamam Girls home failed to meet Government Guidelines and when the girls from the Cheddipalayam Girls’ Home had to be relocated to Palugamam unexpectedly, the building was overfilling. This led to the need to build an additional home and SWO decided to build a new Girls Home in Palugamam. A land to build a new home was procured from the Government. In Oct 2012, work on the new


Feb 2015

Vegetable Farm

SWO has a plot of land next to its head office in Puthukudiyiruppu that it currently uses to grow vegetables for the consumption at the girls’ home. The excess vegetables produced is sold in the market and paid back to SWO as revenue to run the garden. Mahalirillam provided initial funds to establish the vegetable farm and fund its ongoing expenses. Please view Youtube clip below: &nbsp;</a>225″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen title=”JoomlaWorks

The establishment of a Sewing Centre at Thillagawathiyar Girls Home is an initiative of Mahalirillam, and was inaugurated in 2011 to provide employment to mature girls of >18Y who leave the Girls’ Home. In Feb 2013, Social Welfare Organisation (SWO) moved the sewing centre and its assets to Cheddipalayam dining hall, which became vacant following the relocation of all girls to Palugamam Girls Home. This new centre offers a six