The establishment of a Sewing Centre at Thillagawathiyar Girls Home is an initiative of Mahalirillam, and was inaugurated in 2011 to provide employment to mature girls of >18Y who leave the Girls’ Home. In Feb 2013, Social Welfare Organisation (SWO) moved the sewing centre and its assets to Cheddipalayam dining hall, which became vacant following the relocation of all girls to Palugamam Girls Home.

This new centre offers a six months basic training course to mature girls in the rural village. The demand to attend the training course is so high that currently there are about fifty mature girls enrolled. The initial cost of providing sewing machines was met by Mahalirillam. Recurring costs for the centre included – Teacher salary, Material costs and Children travel costs to the centre. Mahalirillam has been funding the maintenance of sewing centre, including the payment of teacher’s salary and for provision of sewing materials during learning. This centre needs $700 to $900 per quarter for maintenance and requires additional funds to purchase more sewing machines (costs A$200/machine).
Please see the Youtube clip to see the girls in training.

Fifteen mature girls have completed the course in July this year. Only ten students were successful in the final examinations. Mahalirillam offered 10 sewing machines to those girls who were successful in the examinations. The function to donate the machines has been held up due to a delay in issuance of the National Certificates by The Tertiary Vocational Education Commission, a body of Government of Srilanka.As reported previously, the centre is overcrowded and needs a new building to train more students. Funds are needed to build a new centre.

Award of certificates and handing over of Sewing Machines

 The President of SWO, Batticaloa, Mr S.Thirunavukarasu, Additional District Government Agent Mr Kiritharan, and Prof Selvarajah of Eastern University participated in a ceremony to award certificates to those students who completed the six months sewing course with SWO. In addition ten Singer Sewing machines were donated to each one of them by Mahalirillam to earn a living in the community. Please watch the handing over ceremony held on 28.11.2014 on the following You Tube link:

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